Frequently asked questions

What are the typical use cases of your products?
Muscle Suit:
Assists movement and reduces strain when carrying other people, lifting heavy objects, or when working while bent over.
Ideal at elderly care workplaces when helping care receivers move around or changing diapers, at plants and logistics facilities for assembling, sorting, and carrying, as well as in agriculture when cultivating fields and shipping.

Muscle Upper:
Supports your back and arms as they move, and allows you to carry and move heavy goods that are far away from you or positioned above the waist.
Ideal for handling heavy goods at plants and logistics facilities.

How can I buy your products?
We sell directly from our company, and you can also make a purchase through one of our registered sellers.

Contact us via this form to request more information.

Can I try your products at my workplace before buying?
We offer demonstrations and paid rental services for customers who are considering a purchase.
You can visit our year-round demonstration booths if you want to try wearing them for yourself.
What does "assistive force" mean?
Muscle Suit for back support strengthens the force of the wearer pivoting his or her upper body relative to his or her lower body (i.e., when stretching out the upper body).
Muscle Suit and Muscle Suit Edge give a maximum of 100 Nm (73.8 ft-lb) for this pivoting force (torque), and Muscle Suit Power gives up to 140 Nm (103 ft-lb). This equates to 25.5 kg (56.2 lb) and 35.7 kg (78.7 lb) of force respectively, at a point 0.4 m (1" 4') away from the rotary joint centered at the waist.
Muscle Upper for arm and back support helps rotary movements in the upper body and shoulders. Users can adjust the balance of torque applied at the arms and back themselves. Muscle Upper produces a total of 140 Nm (103 ft-lb) in torque for arms and back together.
How do I arrange for repairs?
Please inquire with your seller or contact our repair service desk below.
Repair service desk:
Tel: +81 80-9028-2487
Open on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM *Closed on weekends, national holidays, and the New Year’s holiday period